It’s been seven years now.
DIARY / June 21, 2023

Summer vegetables have arrived from Ohnishi Farm, who have been helping us with the design!
Every time we get sweet and tasty tomatoes, sweetcorn and cucumbers!
We’ve been so busy lately that our vegetable garden at home has been damaged by deer, but we’re all going to eat these and be full of energy.

It’s been a hot summer and we’re feeling a bit battered, but let’s eat the vegetables from Onishi Farm and get through the summer! We will soon be selling them online as well, so please do!

Every time I look at the vegetables, I wish I could rent a plot of land and cultivate the soil and work the fields with gusto, because I’m a soiler.
I’m sure I’ll be told where I’ll find the time, but “Someday! I’m planning to do it someday.
I would like to try all kinds of “cultivation”, not just in the field of design.

from SOIL