We design as good soil provokes good plants.

SOIL is a Japanese design firm that thinks about business thoughts and exciting things while laughing and worrying with the clients.
Like growing beautiful flowers and trees from good soil, we aim to cultivate from the soil on which our clients’ businesses and services will grow.
As we cultivate slowly and firmly, we will help you shape your thoughts while fostering relationships with customers.

Design that touches your heart.

I hope we can express what we want and do as soon as we meet, It’s actually difficult to get to know your client right away.
If possible, I would like to create a design together with a deeper understanding by helping and experiencing business and services.
We aim at a design that goes one step beyond the superficial, and that touches the heart.


SOIL inc.
Osaka Osaka city, Kita-ku Hiagashitenma 1-11-1 530-0044
+81 (0)6 7222 0787
Managing Director
Tomohiro Kamei